Elevate Your Corporate Event With Masuda Omakase

Nothing is guaranteed to communicate professionalism, class, and power quite like treating your New York City business associates, partners, and supervisors to a luxurious in-office dining experience. Whether you’re discussing an upcoming company merger or are simply going over routine status reports, corporate professional catering from Masuda Omakase is exactly what you need. Our local, private high-end sushi chefs deliver an unforgettable experience to convey exactly what your business is all about. Impress everyone who enters your office with the best on-location kosher sushi catering available in Queens, NY, courtesy of our Masuda Corporate program.

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Designed To Impress Business Partners & Associates

Bringing in corporate catering to your New York City office is not only an excellent means of rewarding your hardworking employees but also to show other business representatives how serious you are about a partnership. Elevate your upcoming summit or merger meeting and add a touch of luxury with the best kosher sushi catering from Masuda Omakase; hospitality is in our blood and we’re honored to serve fresh, exceptional, authentic professional catering sushi inside your office. The Masuda Corporate experience allows you to welcome your boss with class and demonstrate how much you value the time and energy of your employees.


Luxury, Locally-Sourced Cuisine

The private, personal chefs of Masuda Omakase in New York City put an emphasis on creating high-end dining experiences for corporate partners and clients. Our extensive menu of delicious, carefully-crafted dishes utilizes locally-sourced fresh fish and fresh ingredients in order to provide a memorable in-person meal. We are proud to provide the best kosher sushi catering that makes excellent use of authentic culinary arts, bringing fine dining into a professional, corporate catering environment.


Prepared By World Class Private Chefs

The Masuda Corporate experience transcends traditional professional catering and brings to it a much-deserved element of sophistication. Our kosher catering chefs are triangle professionals and are considered world-class, some of the most qualified and experienced individuals in the world. Choose our professional catering food service professionals to create mouth-watering, refreshing sushi dishes for your summit meeting, networking event, or business meeting! Experience the true meaning of hospitality with Masuda Omakase’s chefs in New York City and eat a one-of-a-kind meal with our best kosher sushi catering.


Personalized To Fit All Palate Preferences

Our extensive menu variety at Masuda Omakase allows you and your professional guests to experience incredibly authentic sushi utilizing several different types of fish, from Snapper Ceviche to Suzuki Sea Bass and Yellowtail. Through our Masuda Corporate experience, you can choose which dishes from our menu you like best, whether it’s tasting something familiar or trying exotic fish from around the world. All of our selections are Kosher in order to provide delicious meals to as many businesspersons as possible. Create your own personalized professional catering menu with us!

Discover a whole new world of high-end, classy dining with Masuda Omakase’s best kosher sushi catering. Explore all the features of our corporate catering and discover how you can take advantage of our luxurious in-home chefs!