Our High-End Private Kosher Sushi Chef Services

If you’re looking to make an impression at your next private event, then you need a private kosher sushi chef. However lavish and carefully planned the rest of your evening may be, if the food is forgettable, then so is your event. Let Masuda Omakase make you and your event the talk of New York City — and beyond!

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Corporate Events

Business people are invited to many events. Your business should do something different to stand out from the crowd. By hiring one of our world-class private sushi chefs, you’re giving the people you most need to impress a New York kosher sushi experience like no other. Whether you prefer fresh, locally sourced fish or if you want a delicacy from somewhere else on the globe, your private chef caters to your exact needs. With Masuda Omakase, you can host corporate events that outshine all the others.

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Exclusive Weddings

Tell us your dream menu for your special day and our culinary experts and qualified sushi chefs will bring that menu to life. We handle all the portioning and plating to provide a unique dining experience that will take your breath away. Maintain the majesty and magic of your private event with an unmatched Masuda Wedding experience.

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High-End Fundraisers

If you really want people to open their wallets for your cause, you’re going to need to wine and dine them first. Make each and every guest at your fundraiser feel personally catered to with our Masuda Elite experience. Whatever your venue, we can impress your potential donors with our expertise, professionalism, and unrivaled taste.

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Private Jet Catering

You’ve selected your private jet with luxury and comfort in mind. Shouldn’t your meal rise up to the same high standards? Your kosher sushi is prepared with the same expert care at 41,000 feet as it is anywhere on the ground. Enjoy the fresh taste and experience of New York kosher sushi with our Masuda Sky service.

Your high-end event doesn’t need a caterer. It needs a skilled culinary artist. Make your event unforgettable with the mastery of our private kosher sushi chefs. Schedule today!