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Sushi Reimagined

Masuda Omakase crafts high-end kosher sushi experiences in the comfort and privacy of your own space. Gather with your closest friends and foodie confidants while indulging in an exclusive menu you won’t find anywhere else.

From Masuda Residential and Masuda Corporate to Masuda Weddings and Masuda Elite, we tailor luxury dining to you.

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Incomparable Ingredients

Foster an amalgamation of ambience with exquisite food with Masuda Omakase, and rightly so, the journey to a truly memorable experience begins with the best ingredients

Apart from our world-class chefs, our cuisine features a fusion of locally sourced fish and exotic fish that incite your taste buds with each unique flavor — from bright and citrusy to umami and spicy.

The quality of our ingredients are never compromised — every fresh ingredient is intentionally and thoughtfully hand-picked by our chefs to ensure they meet our standards.

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Our Fine Dining Experience, Your Private Space

Why go out for sushi in a crowded, busy, and noisy NYC restaurant, when you can have sushi catered to you? Cultivate an intimate sushi experience with Masuda Omakase.

Connect with your guests on a personal level, while getting private luxury dining in the environment of choice. The sushi experience begins with unparalleled talent complete with a 15-course meal that includes everything — dishware, place settings, chopsticks, and clean up. All you have to do is get Masuda Omakase on the calendar.

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Exclusive Sushi Offerings

Move over California Rolls, and embrace the uncommon! If you’re cuisine curious, the sushi pairings we offer tow the line of exploratory and exquisite.

Elevate your event with food that people can’t stop raving about. Discover our Toro with Gold Flakes and Truffle Black Caviar or our Salmon Hand Roll with Radish Sprouts. There are so many sushi pairings to explore!

For an unforgettable experience that will simply take your event to the next level, partner with Masuda Omakase today!

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