Why Masuda Omakase Is Different

Fine dining is something everyone enjoys no matter who they are. Now, with Masuda Omakase in New York, you don’t have to go out to experience an exquisite meal. As experienced and high-end sushi chefs, our passion is creating incredible meals for our clients to enjoy whether it’s for a corporate event or a special night in the comfort of your home. Here are four things that set us apart as your first choice for high-end cuisine.

sushi in a row

Kosher Creations

As private sushi chefs, all of our dishes are Kosher. This means that whether you adhere to the Kosher diet or are just looking for a high-end meal created with high-quality ingredients, our meals fit the bill and exceed the expectations.

luxury meal

Fine Dining Comes to You

Fine dining is no longer just designated to the confines of restaurants and other eating establishments. With Masuda Omakase, our incredible private chefs bring traditional and ornate sushi dishes to the comfort of your own home or event.

private chef

Private Chef for All Events

While we love creating specialized in-home meals for our clients, we love creating dishes for a wide variety of events as well. Whether it’s a party or corporate event, if you are looking for a fine dining experience that you will find nowhere else, reach out to our incredible private sushi chefs today.

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Personalized Meals

Everyone has different tastes, preferences, and desires. At Maduda Omakase, we create personalized meals that you and your guests will love. If you are looking for a high-end dining experience that caters to your wants and needs, find your next incredible meal with Masuda Omakase today.

High-end dining is no longer just for the restaurateur. At Masuda Omakase, we create specially curated, high-end dining experiences for our clients no matter the occasion and no matter the location. To get started, contact us today.

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