Would You Like a Unique Dining Experience In Your Home?

A fine sushi chef is harder to come by these days, but at Masuda Omakase, we are keeping the tradition of high-end sushi dining alive. As New York private chefs, we create unique at-home dining experiences that you can get nowhere else. If you have ever wanted to experience the intricacies and delicacies that a private chef can supply, here’s your chance to do so. Here are four reasons to book Masuda Omakase as your private sushi chef.


Curated Menus

As professionally trained and experienced sushi chefs, our menu is hand selected and made up of a wide range of various sushi specialties and fish species to create an experience like no other. To taste our menu for yourself, book your personal sushi chef today.

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A Fine Dining Experience Like No Other

Fine dining has long been a trait of the restaurant and other dining establishments. However, with Masuda Omakase, you can experience a sushi experience like no other in the comfort of your own home. Looking to experience fine sushi cuisine from the comfort of your own home? Book with Masuda Omakase today.


The Perfect Night In

From date night to a unique special occasion, hiring a personal sushi chef is an elegant and unique way to create the perfect night in. If you are looking for some of the best sushi in the city, book a personal chef with Masuda Omakase today.

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Only the Highest Quality

All of our meals are Kosher and created with natural and reliably sourced ingredients. From our arctic char to salmon nigiri, you can trust that our meals are the highest quality possible. To see our menu and find out more about our private chefs, reach out to us today.

For fine dining in the comfort of your own home, Maduda Omakase provides an experience like no other. If you are looking for the highest quality sushi in New York, have it made directly in your own home and book one of our chefs today.

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